Borderlands 2 inventory slots

borderlands 2 inventory slots

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Borderlands 2 Infinite Backpack Space Borderlands 2. I have two "locked" weapon slots. How can I unlock them? locked They're obtained in parts of the main story; one in the early Sanctuary. Using Inventory & Vending Machine Screens in Borderlands 2 Equipped Weapon Slot #1 — Available to be filled with a favorite weapon when you start the. Wiki Help Admins Project teams Ask Fryguy Report Vandalism. Borderlands 2 Store Page. What about just upgrading it with eridium? How do i finish all 42 inventory slots? I have two "locked" weapon slots. The designers of the game have no right to declare that the fanbase does not want to collect things, and they should listen to demands if they want their game to remain a completely positive experience. Sign up or log in StackExchange. Report this post REASON. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Not completing the missions in the first playthrough does not affect the chance of getting an SDU on the second playthrough.

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Borderlands 2 UNLIMITED Backpack/Inventory Glitch!!! borderlands 2 inventory slots Answered What is the max amount of inventory slots you can get? The size of the backpack was reduced and when play testers felt that it was too small, the size was increased. I regret buying the season pass. Separate names with a comma. I got it by having the 42 before the end of the first playthrough. I don't want to run to the bank. That is the most pitiful excuse that ive ever heard and shows how retarded the GBX devs are. I grabbed The forest the game by phineas und ferb spiele kostenlos online balls the first time Stargames anmelden kostenlos had that problem. Furthermore, Claptrap's Solitaire kartenspiele kostenlos Robot Revolution features an additional guaranteed 2 SDU's to collect throughout the two playthroughs, increasing the total valve corporation value inventory space to 72 slots. Wiki Help Admins Project teams Ask Fryguy Report Vandalism. The Backpack SDUs offer 3 additional slots of storage capacity. Showing 1 15 of 18 comments.

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